Wolichu Wachu Washed ( Ground)

Wolichu Wachu Washed ( Ground)

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We were introduced to coffee from the Wolichu Wachu wash station in 2018 when we bought their grade 1 natural. We loved it so much that we have bought it for the past three seasons and we now have SA exclusivity for this wash station. This is the second year that we have bought both the washed and natural grade 1’s and we are thrilled with the quality!

Located in the famous Guji zone, Wolichu Wachu is a single station region, and we know that 4500 smallholder farmers deliver cherries to this station each year. Because of the thousands of varieties growing wild in Ethiopia, the variety of most lots would be referred to as Heirloom. ie native to that particular region. Interestingly, with Wolichu Wachu, we know the varieties are Typica and Red Bourbon.

Consider tasting this beautiful coffee alongside the Natural Lot to experience the impact of the processing method!