Funky Ouma Black Garlic Pink Salt, 320g

Funky Ouma Black Garlic Pink Salt, 320g

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This moreish salt is good on anything! A tasty alternative to table salt — a mix of pink Himalayan salt, red onions and fermented garlic (better known as black garlic). It's a real flavour booster.


  • Turn a meal into a feast with Funky Ouma's Black Garlic Pink Salt
  • Natural everyday use salt with an added delicious depth of flavour thanks to fermented garlic and red onions
  • Made using natural, healthy ingredients
  • Ideal for cooking, braai, marinating, baking bread or even just a table salt
  • Packaged in a beautiful, trendy tin — great for gifting


Funky Ouma is the result of a very funky ouma of 10 grandchildren — who's been playing around with food and spices all her life — deciding at 67 to start her own brand together with her youngest daughter, Johannita. Funky Ouma offers a wonderful variety of farm-fresh, herb-filled salts and spices made with natural ingredients for everyday use (especially for braaing).



  • Volume: 250ml