Guatemala El Recuerdo  (Ground)

Guatemala El Recuerdo (Ground)

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Augusto is a second-generation coffee farmer. The farm – Finca El Recuerdo aka “The Memory” is the best gift his father could have left him.

Augusto started walking the farm since when he was just a boy. It was in 1975, when his father passed away that he finally took over the farm. Knowing that he had to be good to the environment to have a sustainable farm, he has been guided by Rainforest Alliance guidelines for years now.

At the moment there are numerous factors in the coffee industry that scare Agusto, including climate change, plant disease, high prices for fertilizers, and coffee price instability. He sees them as a threat to the sustainability of the coffee industry as a whole.

Despite these uncertainties, he continues to work hard and hopes that he is setting a good example for the generations to come!