Blue Bird Coffee.

Dario, Alexis and Liliana Scilipoti by Derryn Schmidt

Lets have fun and make a difference!

That’s my approach to building my company and passion project, BlueBird Coffee Roastery.

Coffee is beautiful. Whether connecting friends at a cafe, caffeinating a long day at the office or the creative hobby of the home barista, it plays a major role in our day to day. My goal is to help you understand it better, to give you access to quality coffee normally only sold abroad and to connect you to the people who farmed and produced it.

I believe that everyday, in our individual lives and careers, we make decisions which either harm or help. In every step I take in growing our company, I aim to make the often hard(expensive) but correct decisions which are better for people, environment, quality and then profit. That is why we buy the coffees we do in the way that we do. Generously, with line of sight to the farms and producers and with the intention of building long term, meaningful relationships.

I want to thank you for choosing to buy our coffee.

You are awesome…

Dario Scilipoti